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Consulting, Management & Technical Services

Have a project that demands experienced management to get it back on track? Need help with your technical communications? Does your product development process need a disciplined and experienced troubleshooter? Why not update that marketing message, those training materials or the technical documents now? With a wealth of management, technical, product development and writing experience Mark has a proven ability to complete projects on time, provide insight and add value.

Mark provides consulting services to clientele in the technology and other industries. These services include program and project management, research and analysis, training materials creation and training program delivery, technical documentation and creation of marketing collateral materials. Click one or more of the "Selected Samples" links on the right pane of this page for examples from previous consulting engagements. Note that the samples on this site represent only a small fraction of those available because much of the work was done under non-disclosure agreements and thus can't be loaded onto a publicly available Web site such as this one. Also, some samples are available in hard copy only.

Mark's substantial expertise spans both technical and non-technical industries. As summarized on the "Engagements" page of this site, past projects have focused on Cloud-based systems, CATV, ultra-wideband semiconductors, computer storage, vacuum induction and hazardous wasted furnaces, cooling water treatment, computer graphics processors, telecommunications and computer networking. If Mark hasn't done it before he'll figure it out quickly by using his thorough research skills, software and hardware knowledge and experience of numerous types of subsystems and components whether mechanical, electrical, electronic, local or distributed. Why not put Mark's excellent analytical skills, determination, vision and dedication to work on your project?

Deliverables vary based on the type of project. For management tasks these could be plans, agendas, status updates and proposals intended to communicate progress and ensure that process and methodology are developed with forethought and that plans are executed on time and within budget. Deliverables for technical communications tasks include brochures, primers, data sheets, success stories, slide presentations, application notes, white papers, manuals, guides, specifications, research reports, tutorials or help screens, use cases. High-quality graphics that ensure rapid understanding, also created by Mark, often accompany such deliverables.

Typically Mark works with either the marketing or the engineering department. His proven process starts with a written proposal that outlines tasks, establishes firm deadlines and helps to manage expectations. Then regular written status reports are used to clearly document progress to date, specify work to be undertaken in the future and summarize issues and questions to be addressed. The client is kept informed and the project stays on track. Who can't use a practiced and sure hand in their workplace?

Go ahead, start that project now. The initial consultation is free and if nothing else it will be thought provoking.

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