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Writer, Trainer, Project Manager or Management Consultant?

I’ve played each of these roles many times. Sure I write documents, but I also:

  • Test the product and recommend enhancements
  • Track progress with regular status reports
  • Assemble teams and gather resources
  • Drive the project to completion

Not Your Garden Variety Writer
If you want 3 years experience and an English or Journalism degree read no further. That isn’t me. I have an MS in Engineering and Computer Science plus broad product design experience. I will:

  • Climb your learning curve rapidly
  • Grasp the nuances of your complex product
  • Help craft and dispense your message
  • Assist with managing change

The Value of Focus
Making my living as a consultant to organizations large and small has taught me to quickly distinguish what is important and what works. You want results. To get them I:

  • Research your needs
  • Create a written plan
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate some more
  • Don my velvet gloves then push, pull and persist

Taking the Time to Do It Right
I am not going to be the cheapest solution and I may not be the fastest. But I’ve learned through experience that:

  • Excellence sells
  • Shoddy foundations erode rapidly
  • It pays to get the details right
  • Clients appreciate honesty

Spending Your Money Effectively
I’m not going to promise you a free lunch. We both know they don’t exist. What I will promise is:

  • A listener who incorporates your input
  • A clearheaded assessment
  • A sense of urgency responsive to your needs
  • Timely, accurate and effective deliverables

Go ahead, start that project now. The initial consultation is free and if nothing else it will be thought provoking.

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