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TwistLink™ Intercar Cable Operations Guide (1.73 MB)

An operations manual for an all-weather electrical cable used to connect railway freight cars whose air brakes are controlled electronically from a locomotive. The document identifies various product versions and explains installation and use. It contains numerous custom line drawings.

Continuation-In-Part Application for Mechanical Hand Tool Patent Number 9,744,673 (160 KB)

This continuation-in-part application describes a mechanical hand tool. The application was written in full by Mark S. Gordon, who also successfully prosecuted it before the USPTO. The issued patent number is 9,744,673.

Application for Mechanical Hand Tool Patent Number 9,409,290 (125 KB)

This patent application describes a mechanical hand tool. The application was written in full by Mark S. Gordon, who also successfully prosecuted it before the USPTO. The resulting issued US Patent number is 9,409,290.

Quick Start Guide - Web-Based TV Advertisement Effectiveness Tool (2.34 MB)

This graphics-enriched primer instructs first-time users in navigation, configuration and utilization of Web-based analysis tools used to measure the effectiveness of nationally televised advertisements.

Promotional Slide Presentation - Assisted Living Facility (489 KB)

This full color slide presentation is used to market an assisted living facility in Texas.

Underground Paris Travel Article - Hemispheres Magazine (1.09 MB)

This article was written and placed in an airline magazine. It describes two tourist sites under the streets of Paris, France. It is copyright Hemispheres Magazine, all rights reserved.

Marketing Collateral - Network Appliance Success Story (129 KB)

Network Appliance's NearStore network attached storage product has numerous applications including near online storage, data archiving and disaster recovery. This success story describes usage of this equipment by an organization with substantial data storage needs.

Trade Journal Article - Adaptec SCSI-2 Wide Bus Software (5.52 MB)

This trade journal article was one of a group of three that were written, illustrated and placed by Mark Gordon as part of a public relations effort for a leading company in the SCSI technology arena.

Industrial Furnace Training Class - Selected Pages (351 KB)

This curriculum summary, presentation slides and terminology definition list formed part of the materials for a single day within a ten day training class covering an equiax induction furnace used to produce high-strength metal components such as jet engine blades. This class was presented to customer personnel who were responsible for vacuum furnace operation and maintenance.

Design Creation Tutorial for a Prototyping System (1.17 MB)

This design creation tutorial leads the viewer through the steps necessary to create a sample design using a virtual prototyping system. Originally created as an HTML Webhelp project, it is presented here in PDF form.

White Paper - Storage Area Network and Fibre Channel Protocol Primer (401 KB)

This white paper presents a comprehensive summary of SAN and its use of Fibre Channel.

Technology Primer - Rambus Architectural Overview Selected Pages (124 KB)

This sample contains two pages from a twenty page handout that discusses the basics of Rambus memory technology. The full document explains the physical and logical layers of this technology and covers device and system packaging issues. Applications are also discussed, including usage as main memory and as a video frame buffer. The two page selection presented here discusses logical layer concepts for the Rambus Channel protocol. All sample pages here are Copyright Rambus, Inc.

Copyright © Mark S. Gordon, 2011-2019. All rights reserved.